Our Boxes



About our boxes:

Each box will carry a theme and products/activities that support that theme. Boxes are specially curated to get users to develop their creative practice both inside and outside the home; utilising all of their senses; in a practical yet tranquil way.

The theme will be released before the box, so if you're a wise cracking wiz you may have an inkling as to what could be inside!

Check out the 'client spotlight' posts on our instagram for previous brands featured or read our blog posts on previous boxes here.

What is inside?

In short, a surprise! The products featured in Meraki Mailouts will be a surprise and change each month, kindling the enthusiasm and curiosity of subscribers (both of which are vital for creative play!).

As Meraki Mailouts boxes are an invitation for multiple multi-sensory experiences so each product is paired with an activity or task.

For example, an aromatic spice kit to experience the scent and taste of an unfamiliar recipe; a candle making kit to get to your hands occupied with; a sketch book to accompany you to a place you have not visited or seen before

Who are boxes for?

We believe everyone and anyone can benefit from injecting more creativity into their lives.

Perhaps you are an Artist, a Banker, a Chef, a Dentist, an Estate Agent, a Fragrance Chemist, a Graphic Designer, a Horticultural Therapist, an Ice Cream Vendor, a Jockey, a Karate Teacher a Laboratory Assistant, a Mathematician, a Nail Artist, an Online reviewer, a Pilot, a Quilt Maker, a Race-car Drive, a Shoemaker, a Tea Room Manager, an Underground Roof Bolter, a Vet, a Wallpaper Consultant, a X Ray Technician, a Yarn Dyer, OR a Zone Manager.

ANYONE who wants to reignite their creative fire or keen to spend time by themselves doing something mindful each week.

Subscriptions offered:

The boxes will be available as a bi-monthly annual subscription (6 boxes over 12 months), or for single one-off orders.