Who are we?

Meraki Mailouts' is a letter box subscription service aimed at creatives and those who want to invite more creative play into their lives. The service allows users to tune into, identify and enhance their creative practice. Each box will carry a theme, and will contain 5-7 different products and activities that will help subscribers to develop their creative practice both inside and outside the home.

What do we do?

Meraki Mailouts merges self discovery, self care and creative exploration. We want to get users to harness their creative power in a relaxed yet targeted way. Subscribers will feel rejuvenated, inspired and awakened after using their boxes.

Boxes will carry a host of surprises, tasks, new hobbies and activities to try with the aim of pushing subscribers out of their comfort zone and into a creative's coveted 'flow state' ("complete immersion in an activity").

Customers will feel invigorated, restored and inspired after using their boxes..just read our testimonials!

What is our goal?

To give customers access to artistic discovery and recovery in a varied, fun and hassle-free way.

To improve mental wellbeing of subscribers by giving them a routine and recurring opportunity to spend time with themselves and their thoughts, in a form of active meditation.

To get people involved and invested in their own creative journeys. (Creativity is a powerful and important tool for us all!)