Meet the creative: Posh Brats



Posh brats are amazing - a true gem find! They are a Cheshire based handmade artisan bath, body, and skincare brand, founded by Cosmetic Chemist, Brittany De Staedtler.

PB sell a range of products - from bath steamers, to mists, to shower oils and sugar scrubs.

Posh Brats make handmade artisan bath, body, and skincare products and are impeccably attentive when it comes to their ingredients (making for the best and most luxurious products!). Products go through many tests and trails which "means that you are assured of not only high quality and the very best natural ecologically-sourced and organic ingredients; but also of complete safety and knowledge of the expertise and professional ethics of our laboratory and clinicians" 

Posh Brats make everything in small batches with top quality ingredients, giving them a level of quality control that cannot be surpassed by mass produced brands.

Many of their products can be used as wonderful aromatherapy devices and are designed to make you happy, calm or rejuvenated.