Meet the creative: KIB TEA

Our third spotlight shines on the gloriously brilliant @kibtea! All businesses that feature in our boxes are from UK small independent businesses! Catch the full interview over on our blog - link in our stories 🤙🐬🌝🗺

Who are you and what do you do?

"We're Kib tea and we're a line of flavour-forward and planet-positive herbal teas."


Why did you start the business?

"As a company, our vision has always been a world where farming feeds both people and planet. Five years ago we started designing a circular way of growing herbs (plus fruits and veggies) in the Ethiopian highlands. Then in 2018 we realized, 'Whoa. We’ve got some flavour-packed herbs here. We need to share them.' We started crafting Kib herbal teas and launched them last year."


Why is creativity important to you?

"Personally, I think moments of creativity are very energizing. And for the company, creativity allows us to solve operational problems in unexpected ways and communicate with consumers in ways they love."



How often are you creative?

"A few times every month"


Give an example of when you have you been faced with a problem and creatively fixed it (e.g. being resourceful with a limited budget)

"I think our packaging is a great example of a creative puzzle. We try to balance communicating our story in a simple, clean way while also providing consumers everything they need to enjoy our teas."


Kib Tea are an amazing brand which we hope you loved hearing more about. Check out them on socials and via their website for more information!