Meet the creative: Helen, 'The Ethiopian Foodie'

We love giving you a closer look BTS off meraki mailouts as it means we get to share more information on our amazing clients and the businesses featured in boxes!

All products featured in our boxes are from small, independent UK businesses who prioritise sustainability. Ethical production is at the core of our work and play at Meraki so choosing to work with brands who share this value is of great importance to us. 

Anyway! Today we take a closer look at Helen - who runs 'The Ethiopian Foodie' a successful food blog sharing vegan Ethiopian food recipes. Helen also runs 'Amaarech' -  where she sells Ethiopian spice blends and flours.

What do you do?
Amaarech. We sell Ethiopian spice blends and flours
Why did you start your business?
Amaarech is my grandmother's name and it means “she became beautiful.” For as long as I can remember, Amaarech has prepared the spices I use in my cooking. The dishes I prepare and share on Instagram are all flavoured with her amazing spice blends. Without her there would be no ethiopianfoodie! Together we have started a small-batch spice business. Our line of select spice blends are based on Amaarech's original recipes. She hand-picks all of our ingredients which are then traditionally blended in Ethiopia and shipped to the UK.
Top tip on how to get creative inspiration?
Free yourself from self imposed boundaries
Why is creativity important to you?
Creativity allows me to grow and explore!
What are some creative practise rituals you do?
Designing, photography
You can read more about Helen here