Meet the creative: BAMBUU BRUSH

Today we take a closer look at one of the creative companies featured in our first 'welcome' box, @bambuu ! A sustainable and incredible company doing amazing things. Check out the full interview over on our blog! 👗🏃‍♀️🌝🗺✨

Who are @bambuu and what do you do?

"@Bambuu is a purpose-driven, eco-friendly company. We aim to educate, inspire and empower people, making sustainable actions accessible for all."


Why did you start your business?

"The story behind how @Bambuu ÂŽ as created plays a huge role and how we work hard to run as a business and strive to achieve the goals and targets we set to combat plastic pollution. From our years of living and working around the world and witnessing first hand the impacts plastic pollution is having on our planet to drive our passion to combat plastic pollution."


Why is creativity important to you?

"Creativity allows us to spread awareness on such an important topic. We want to open the minds and relate to your everyday person show how easy it can be to make simple changes away from low-grade, single use plastics. Creativity allows us to view and solve problems more openly, we believe this is a key component for creating real impact for our planet & people."


What is your favourite thing about creativity?

"There is no right or wrong answer to creativity. It's so special!"

(we love that!)


How often are you creative?

"We pride ourselves on being creative every single-day through social media.From the day we launched we have always wanted to use the power of social media in a POSITIVE way to create change. Social media is an incredible tool/platform to be creative and inspire others to create change."


Give an example of when you have you been faced with a problem and creatively fixed it (e.g. being resourceful with a limited budget)

"We launched @BambuuBrush with no funding or investment, just pure passion through seeing the worst of plastic pollution. We started our journey with One simple product for One Simple Change, an @BambuuBrush (Bamboo Toothbrush). We had a crazy goal of #1millionby2020, we wanted to educate and inspire one million people to make the simple switch from a plastic toothbrush by the turn of the next decade. 

We are pleased to say we hit our target within 9 months, and that was all through a simple creative campaign. Our customers post a photo holding their @Bambuubrush in front of them, this had a snowball effect, we had photos sent in from all around the world, to this day people send in photos holding our products which empowers others to make simple changes away from low-grade, single-use plastics."
Top tip on how to get creative inspiration? 
"Follow inspirational accounts on social media. Once you start, the algorithm we start to pick up and provide you with more and more creative content. Take a note pad with you everywhere and write down your ideas. We all have the power to be creative and shine."
What are some creative practise rituals you do? 
"We love to read and to have Brain dumps - Work together to create ideas. If you every struggle with creativity, spend and hour or so with a child! They have the best minds and full of imagination, we must never shut down creativity, its a superpower!"
BAMBUU brush are doing some really inspirational things and we loved hearing more about them and their journey. You can find out more about them and their products via their website and social media pages below!