Meet the creative: AUTHENTIC HOUSE

WELCOME to our creative spotlight series! These posts will act as profiles and insights into the many, fantastic sustainable small UK brands we feature in meraki mailouts!


Who are @authentichouseuk and what do you do?

"Authentic House is a social enterprise run by me (Alice) and my partner Daniel from our home in Cardiff. We offer plastic-free home and self care supplies alongside running a zero waste subscription box."


Why did you start your business?

"I started Authentic House when I returned to Cardiff in 2018. I'd been exploring the idea of leading a more purposeful life and was looking for ways I could help people create an eco-friendly home. I started by interviewing everyone I met and eventually came across sustainable home products. I loved them because they were beautiful, made from natural materials and a really accessible way of making a positive change."


Why is creativity important to you? (what does it give and allow you to do?)

"I think everyone has their own creativity. For me, creativity allows me to adapt to any situation. Running Authentic House has brought out many of my creative skills in design, writing and telling stories about everyday items that can help us in a time when protecting the planet is so important."


What is your favourite thing about creativity?

"The feeling that anything is possible."


What are some creative practise rituals you do?

"I love to read books. I'm currently reading 'The Book of Trespass' by Nick Hayes which is full of beautiful illustrations and tells the story of the unequal history of land rights in the UK. I also love to draw, although I don't find as much time for it as I used to."

Give an example of when you have you been faced with a problem and creatively fixed it

"In the first year of starting Authentic House, I was hit with anxiety like I'd never experienced before. It was all too new and uncertain. I began to meditate a little every day to help keep me calmer, but the turning point came when I was able to attend a social innovation programme run by Red Bull. Jade was a coach there and taught me that you can only pour from a cup that's overflowing. Since then, I've found creative ways to keep a positive mindset and be courageous from journaling and reading to meditating and a daily yoga practice."


Top tip on how to get creative inspiration?

"Take a whole day off with absolutely no plans. It might feel uncomfortable if you always have a to-do list, but by the end of the day you'll be sparking ideas left, right and centre."

To check out more info about AH head to their website or social medai pages below!