Hello, hi and welcome!

To the meraki mailouts blog. It's lovely to see you here.

So..you may be wondering, what is meraki mailouts? who are meraki mailouts? 

Well, meraki mailouts is a letterbox subscription service aimed at inspiring and encouraging people to invite more creativity into their life. Boxes are especially curated to get users to develop their creative practice both inside and outside the home; utilising all of their senses; in a practical yet tranquil way.

Each product in this box is paired with an activity to get your creative juices flowing (see page 2 and 3 for info). You may feel child-like doing these activities, but creativity is for everyone, everyday! Meraki invites everyone to relearn the art of play and is aimed at everyone - not just the traditional artists out there.

Products featured in Meraki Mailouts are all sustainably-made and from UK independent business to minimise Meraki Mailouts’ carbon footprint.  Sustainability is rooted at the core of our work and play. 

As children we are innately and endlessly creative, and I (Lauren, Founder) hope that by doing these activities in this box you will awaken that inner child that sits within you… Let us invite creativity back into our lives with warm, open, excited, non-judegmental, welcoming arms!

I can't wait to see where your box takes you! Follow us on instagram to share your experience and creations!