Creativity in Nature

Creativity in nature 🧠🌟⛰️💘🌱

Next time you go for a walk outside, pay special attention to all the ways nature shows itself. We could maybe take a leaf (HA, no pun intended) out of natures' book and how it expresses itself fully and unapologetically. Flowers do not compete with one another for beauty - they each hold beauty in their own right. Trees to not fret that they are not talk or big enough - Nature also works in seasons and does not bloom all year round. We can TOTALLY take inspiration from this..we cannot expect ourselves to be performing and creating and achieving all day every day. When can we rest and recharge? When can we recuperate? When can we get re-inspired and re-motivated to continue on?

Breathe. Go on!
Yes, and again.
BIG deep belly breaths.

There is time. There is no rush. We must enjoy the journey. We must enjoy the practise! The waves in and out of life.

Maybe you make something incredible today..maybe you do some painting..or go explore a new corner of your local park with a podcast or maybe you dont do any of that and you just watch films inside with popcorn and kombucha. We must move with our phases! Honour them like nature does so beautifully.

Where and when you are able to, spend the rest of the week tuning into your mind, body and soul. What are you needing in this moment? Are you needing some inspiration? or active play? or mediation? or a tall glass of water or big pot of mint tea? Listen to yourself and its needs. As time goes on and as you continue to keep a regular creative practise, you will no longer struggle for creative ideas or burn yourself to a crisp working flat out.

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